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Nat Turner

“The Diamondbacks Collection is one of the legendary collections that has been discussed for years in the hobby. Now, thanks to the efforts of Tom and Ellen Zappala, all collectors have the opportunity to enjoy the premier examples of the most important cards in...

Jim Kaat

“Ken Kendrick has taken his fascination with sports and trading cards and built the most impressive collection in the world. Now Tom and Ellen Zappala have assembled the names, stories, and cards for that collection into a treasured work for us all to enjoy. It...

Josh Rawitch

“This book is the perfect way for any sports fan or collector to walk down memory lane with a perpetual smile on their face.”

– Edward Achorn

“Baseball & Bubble Gum is a blast of nostalgia for everyone who remembers the stars of the 1950s! Baseball fanatics and history buffs alike will love these brilliant images of — and fascinating insights into — the classic 1952 Topps baseball card...

– Ken Kendrick

“Tom & Ellen have hit another homerun with Baseball & Bubble Gum, their book about the 1952 Topps Collection. It is my all-time favorite set and the first that I collected as young boy. Well done!”